The Amazon Jungle with a French Twist

Last night I had an opportunity to go to a new restaurant with one of my new friends that I made at the yoga retreat. She wanted to grab a cocktail and have a chat, which I always up for. We ended up heading over to the Lagoa (Lagoon) which is located in the middle of the southern part of Rio and has a beautiful view at sunset. There is this restaurant there called Palaphita Kitch that serves Amazonian food with a TWIST. It was the PERFECT place to spend a Thursday evening having some girl talk and enjoying a few cocktails.

The restaurant includes foods like “Mujica de Tambaqui” (amazon fish soup), several drinks made with mangarataia (Amazonian ginger), and cupuaçú (an

Amazonian super fruit that rivals acai). What surprised me the most about the restaurant was that their entrees were all FONDUE. Yes, like the Swiss/French melted cheese or chocolate dish. FONDUE. In the AMAZON? I thought that fondue was only served when it was cold in the Swiss alps with an enormous amount of French Bordeaux. I would NOT want to drink a French Bordeaux in 96 degree weather as it has been here in Rio. Globalization is so interesting!  Another neat item on the menu was an appetizers of camembert cheese (French) stuffed with Amazonian fish and fried bananas.  Totally nuts!

My girlfriend and I ended up sharing an eggplant bruscheta and we each had a caipirinha (Brazil’s national drink) made with Absolute Vodka, tangerines,

Amazoinan ginger and sugar. DELICIOUS! I would like to go back to try their other tropical fruit cocktails, as those caipirinhas really sneak up on you and you have to kind of space them out.  If you ever check this place out if you make it to Rio, just be aware of the GIGANTIC ants everywhere, and lizards that may try to get in on your fondue. Its a jungle out there after all.