Several years ago I weighed just under 350lbs, I came to Ana after losing a portion on my own through fad diets and weight watchers. But I was stuck and in bad need to help break this vicious weight cycle. Ana started having me keep a food/mood journal to jot down the good, the bad and sometimes ugly things I was feeling and doing to my body. Each week we would meet and discuss a new element towards healthy eating and successful weight loss. I would turn in my Food/Mood Journal and receive feedback and support.

The biggest thing I learned about myself was that I was not eating enough. I was restricting my caloric intake too drastically and relying on prepackaged meals to help me reach my weight goals. I learned from Ana that starving myself and depriving myself of essential nutrition was not the true answer to successful weight loss.

As painful as it was for this old dog to learn new tricks, I did with Ana’s expertise and wonderfully innovative ideas. I began to eat more than I had ever done in months past, I continued with my exercise and the pounds finally started to melt away. I am happy to say the tools Ana has taught me have really satisfying rewards towards achieving long term weight loss. I have 180lbs lost and just had my first baby. All of this would not be possible without the support of Ana.

Forever Grateful,
Jessica B.

My name is Charletta and I am a General manager of a restaurant. I struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I tried diets, pills & starvation. Nothing worked,  I would lose some and gain back more. On July 29, 08 I was told I was morbidly obese.  I was shocked. I knew I was big but I was beautiful and happy. I was 279 lbs with a BMI of 49. I had sleep apnea, my body hurt so bad at times I would cry and I had borderline high blood pressure. I was offered a weight loss program which would be a 6 month class 1 time a week for a hour. I was desperate and figured what do I have to lose?  On Sept 9, 2008 I had my first class with Ana Johnson. She was the nutritionist assigned to my group. She was young and really not what I expected. Ana was very forward, open, and honest. Ana’s approach is the best as she has the knowledge and desire to help. Ana talked about food diaries (if you bite it write it). Ana gave me the knowledge and direction to achieve and maintain permanent weight loss. Every class I listened, learned, and lost. My first week I lost 7 lbs and by the end of my 6 month class I had lost almost 60 lbs and my BMI was 38.  I was starting to live life and not watch life happen. I am truly blessed to have been saved by Ana. I would recommend her and her knowledge to anybody who need or wanted guidance in health and nutrition. She saved my life. It has been over 3 years since Ana has been my nutritionist she gave me the tools to lose weight and keep it off I am now 143 lbs and my BMI is 25. Three years later I can still call her for guidance and she always helps me get back on the right track.