I have prevailed!

So, Mr ZM and I decided to get away for the weekend and spend it up in Idyllwild, a little mountain town about an hour from the OC where my parents have a cabin. We had gone there for New Year’s Eve and really enjoyed our time up there so we wanted to hang out a little bit more.

We headed up on Friday and spent all day Saturday walking around and then did some work at the local coffee shop, as I had an article to write. At about 4pm, we decided to start happy hour so we headed over to the Idyll-a-while Wine Shop for some wine tasting and conversation. Of course, we had to get a cheese plate as I rarely pass one up (I have been so good on my diet, I figured one would be ok this weekend).

The cheese plate had some veggies with it on the side, one of which was asparagus….and Mr ZM had said he would NEVER eat asparagus. Well, maybe people change because here is PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of Mr. ZM munching on a spear of asparagus! I guess pigs do fly. And now back to reality and back to the re-commitment to health…but at least we can have asparagus now.