Doctors and Diet

I went to see my rheumatologist about 2 weeks ago and had an interesting experience. I have seen him about every 4 months or so for the last 2 years since being diagnosed with “Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease”. We have an interesting relationship. At times  he doesn’t understand where I am coming from at all. When I was first diagnosed, I asked him what sort of diet/lifestyle changes I should look into and his answer was basically that those factors wouldn’t really help much (at this time he was trying to convince me I needed to be on meds and I was refusing). Its kinda odd considering he and I are about the same age and I would think that we would get along better, both being kinda young. I can’t bash the guy too much, he is thorough, tries to connect with me by asking about recent trips or my personal life. He’s a nice guy, you can just tell he has read too many books and hasn’t had much life experience.

Anyway, he was reviewing my records and for the last 2 years my labs have been pretty good. He said, wow you are healthy! Yeah, I eat pretty well, try to manage my stress, sleep ok, and exercise. Then he got to my cholesterol and congratulated me on the 40 point drop. I said, “yeah, I did the opposite of everything I was ever taught in school. I ate more fat, more bacon, more eggs, more meat. I eliminated most refined carbs from my diet.”

His response? “Thats not possible, maybe you just have a different metabolism”.

So, I responded, “Have you read the book Good Calories, Bad calories?” Of course he hadn’t.

I briefly explained the premise of the book, the lipid hypothesis, and told him that most things we have come to believe about nutrition are not true. He gave me a weird look and moved on. Totally not open to the discussion at all and probably thinking I am a nut job.

Ok, so I know its hard for some guy who spent 100 years in medical school to understand what a crazy RD is telling him. But, buddy the proof is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. So quit being so close-minded, quit believing 100% of what you read in books, and understand that popular beliefs are not always true. Books are not always right. Research results are not always correcltly interpreted.  Open your mind 10%. I am a dietitian. I have training in nutrition. I wouldn’t follow a fad diet just because I felt like it. I am still learning…but the thing is at least I am willing to experiment wtih it! Anyone have a similar experience?