Day 2- Healthy Lifestyle in 2013

So far, this new healthy eating and exercising thing is going great!! I went to spin class after work today (I can’t even remember the last time I worked out after work) and am even 300 calories short on what I am allowed to eat because I burned over 400 calories at the gym. WOOT!

I was proud of myself because I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and picked up some snacks (turkey slices, string cheese, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery). I have been munching on those after work and this evening. Since I moved in to this apartment, I have not had much in my fridge and have not really been to the grocery store very often. I am kind of unmotivated to cook for just myself, especially since I eat at work for free…I end up feeling like its not worth it because I already ate a pretty good meal at work. Anyway, lets keep this motivation going!!

One Response to Day 2- Healthy Lifestyle in 2013

Clean eating is not a new concept! Nor is it a fad diet to shed weight. Clean eating is about sticking to what is closest to natural products and avoid processed foods that come out of a box. It’s not about restricting what you eat, but rather about making conscious choices to eat better quality foods. This means more natural products and less chemicals and additives. Although some people may be able to jump right into clean eating and never look back, most need to ease into this lifestyle. A sure way to get started is to firstly drink more water; secondly eliminate processed foods; thirdly balance your meals; and finally control portion size.