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Healthy Holiday Gifts

I stole this idea from my e-friend (a friend I know over the internet but not in person- seem to have a lot of those) Kelly over at Paleo Infused Nutrition. She gave me the idea to do a little self-promotion and a promotion of my friends for the holiday season. So here goes!!

Book Recommendations

Looking for some reading material for the new year? Here are some e-books to check into by myself and some of my e-friends.

– Remember my best-seller called “How to actually lower your cholesterol?”, yes, the “best-seller” that sold all of 2 copies! Well, guess what??? Its still available! For purchase on the site. Check it out here.

– My wonderful e-friend Aglaee, Paleo Dietitian and world traveler, has not just
ONE but TWO e-books for sale. Since she travels so much she is an expert at eating Paleo during travel, so she wrote “Eating out and traveling on the Paleo diet” and her second e-book “21 myths about the Paleo diet debunked”.  You can get them both on her site here.

– Another e-friend who has given me a lot of free information about blogging over the last year, Tom Corson-Knowles has written an e-book on creating a business out of your blog. He has been very successful at creating his own business and living the life of his dreams. If you have a goal of being a pro blogger, start with his book.

– A REAL friend (who I know in person) Candace Morgan, RD has put together her family’s favorite healthy recipes. You can get your copy here.


– HUM Nutrition is offering special gift boxes this holiday season to get your friends and family off to a healthy start. I have packaged together some of our favorite products into bundles to help you reach your goals for ultimate health in the new year. Check out the “Skinny Box” if weight loss is your goal or the “Looking Fabulous Box” for glowing skin, strong nails, and shiny hair. They are also offering the “Ultimate Detox Box” for when you over-do it a little on the holiday cookies and the “Winter Boost Box” too keep you healthy all winter long!

– Looking to get your kids on the right track in the new year? Try the Smarty
Pants line of great gummy vitamins for kids (and grown-ups too!). They are one of the few kids vitamins that taste good, have omega-3s, and vitamin D! They are also a part of the Vitamin Angels network and donate a portion of their profits to help prevent vitamin deficiencies in needy children.

Cleanse Program

– I will be offering the “28 Days to Health” cleanse in the new year. January is a GREAT time to do a cleanse to get the year started off right. This is a gluten-free, dairy free, toxin free cleanse to maybe help you shed a few holiday pounds and make 2013 a great year for healthy eating! Keep posted on the date, but you don’t need to show up to the class to do the cleanse as all the materials are online. Contact me for more details!

Make it a healthy holiday and an amazing 2013!

Healthy Lifestyle Day 5

I can safely say that the new eating plan is still going super well on day #5! I have lost about 1.5 pounds (even though the Livestrong widget says only 1 lb- its a little more than that I promise!). Some of the weight loss might be water, but I’ll take it! Generally, one can expect to lose 2-5 pounds of water on the first week of any weight loss diet. You might see slightly more weight loss if you are following a low carbohydrate program because since your body is using up its storage carbohydrates for energy, it is also getting rid of water at the same time.

So, last night Mr ZM and I had a delicious dinner I was super proud of! I picked up some pre-seasoned chicken at Fresh and Easy (only 360 calories for 1/2 the package), some small multicolored potatoes (160 calories for 1/2 package), and some green beans.

Mr. ZM was a little hesitant about green beans because he told me he hadn’t eaten them in over a decade (WHAT???). He also refuses to eat asparagus, but I will eventually prevail on that too! One step at a time, right? Anyway, we didn’t even finish all the chicken or the potatoes and were both pretty full. With a glass of wine each and an orange for desert, our whole meal was about 550 calories. At the end of the day, we both still had calories left over and were feeling pretty satisfied.

One extremely annoying thing, Mr ZM and I are about the same height and about the same weight….we have both been on the diet the same amount of time and eaten several meals together and he is about 1.5 pounds ahead of me in weight loss! I know men lose faster than women for several reasons, but it is so aggravating. This weekend we are going to go away to the mountains for a bit and I know we will have a few higher calorie dinners. I am going to try to set those off with some extra walking or exercise during the day. Lets see how it goes! Onward!