Welcome to Whole Life Diets!

Whole Life Diets mission is to create a new, more powerful way to use nutrition to improve your whole life in order to achieve complete wellness. My goal is to provide clients with the tools and support to help them identify the habits that are preventing them from living the healthy and fulfilling life they truly want.

My story

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator I am in a unique position to help clients make permanent changes in their lives. I have extensive professional experience in both clinical nutrition practice and nutritional counseling.  My love for helping others started in high school when I was a volunteer for a “teens counseling teens” suicide hotline. After completing a degree in psychology from UCLA, I felt that I wanted to focus on helping people in a tangible way in order to truly see the changes they were making in their lives. I have combined my experience in psychology with my degree and expertise as a Registered Dietitian in order to help hundreds of clients achieve their goals. My mission is use all of my experience to bring you innovative nutrition information to help you achieve whole life wellness.